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Two very special boys....


Ch Will o’Wisp Shandoah Jetsong


 Ch Macdega Trademark

These two dogs were part of a new adventure for me. 

 I bred a blue bitch, Crystal,  ( co-owned with Joanne Formichella, Shandoah) to Ch. Macdega the Piano Man.  Out of that litter, I kept two -- a blue boy and his bi-black sister.   Tom and Nioma saw them at 10 weeks.  Although they liked the blue boy size was a concern -- would he mature to be enough. 

Not knowing whether Jet would turn out or not, and knowing I loved the look of their dogs, I asked if they would keep their eyes out for a show puppy.  A few weeks later, I went up to look at puppies.  All the puppies were beautiful, but my eye went directly to one flashy tri-color.  He stood there so regally.... I couldn’t take my eyes off of him.  

At six months, Tom handled Roddy in his first show, where took a five point major, and Group 4.   Plans were made to take them both out to the ‘84 National in Des Moines.  This was my first National.  Tom handled Roddy, and Nioma - Jet.  In regular classes, Roddy took the 9-12 class, and Jet the 12-18 under Barbara Curry.  Back in for Winners --- out of all the dogs, three puppies were pulled or consideration -- all three Piano Man kids, and two of them were mine!  Jet went WD [and later BOW].  I can’t begin to tell you how proud I was of the boys!

Although these boys are gone now, they set a standard that I continuously work to achieve.