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Ch Jetsong the Captivator

               Am/Can Ch Severn Smoke on The Water
      Am/Can Ch. Dundee Famous Amos
               Am/Can Ch. Dundee Added Attraction
Ch. Dundee Amos Moses ROM
               Ch. Macdega Out of Africa
       Ch. Fiego Star of Africa
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                 Windom Shandoah Will o’Wisp CD


 2/13/93 - 2007
OFA:  Good
Eyes:  Normal

A third generation homebred, Travis was that special dog.  As you can see in the headshot, Travis had a beautiful headpiece, neck, outline and balance.  He truly reflected the dogs in his pedigree.  He received an Award of Merit under breeder/judge Linda More at the ASSA National in Chicago.

His sire: Ch Dundee Amos Moses ROM


His dam:  Ch Jetsong Forget-Me-Not